My name is Christopher Gaskin and I have been photographing anything and everything since I was a small boy, I started off mainly taking landscapes and still life, it amused my parents while I was growing up when we were on holidays... they would take pictures of me and my sister in front of nice scenery and when I took the picture of my parents, I would take one, then I would keep telling them "left a bit more" until they were out of frame so I could get a nice shot of just the scenery.

Later on I discovered the interesting shots taken of people, the emotions, frozen in print, of Love, happiness, sorrow, pain, etc that started my love for portraiture, which I decided to pursue to the best of my abilities... culminating in the creation of Gaskin Photography.

Since then I have grown from strength to strength, with the wonderful support from customers, family and friends...

I am fully C.R.B. checked and fully insured also I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers